2 cm tykk underlagsmatte 1x2 m


2 cm underlagsmatte kan legges under matter eller gulv for å få et mykere underlag
Kan med god resultat legges under gummimatter på et treningssenter for å dempe lyden av manualer som slippes i gulvet
Mattene er 2x1 meter og kan lett tilpasses rommet
NOK 495,00



On hard undergrounds (concrete, timber ...) it is strongly recommended to install an AGGLOFOAM underlay before laying your martial arts mats. The size of the underlay follows exactly the tatami size of 2000 x 1000mm for a perfect match. The AGGLOFOAM underlay can be manufactured in different densities and thicknesses according to the customer specifications.

Secure your dojo without using glue or adhesive. Just put our AGGLOFOAM underlay under your martial arts mats on the floor. The foam underlay can be removed, e.g. to hoover, as many times as you like, neither affecting its antiskid quality, nor its thermal insulation properties.

In addition, our AGGLOFOAM underlay also offers other advantages:

• Various tests in the building construction showed that AGGLOFOAM is a perfect thermal insulator. The AGGLOFOAM underlay obstructs the rising cold from the basement. This prevents the unpleasant feeling for the judokas to practice with cold feet on the tatamis.

• Because of the extreme forces exerted by the judokas, the martial arts mat is in constant motion during training or combat. The AGGLOFOAM underlay offers extra protection to the antiskid underneath the martial arts mat and thus contributes to a longer life.

• The AGGLOFOAM underlay also provides additional shock absorption once put under the

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