COMPACT Throwing- /Landing Mat, blue, 244 x 150 cm


COMPACT Throwing- /Fitness Mat, blue, 244 x 150x 15 cm

Special Mat for Judo throwing techniques and also as a soft mat surface for fitness drills. The filling is ca. 15 cm thick and consists of a special soft foam compound with especially good shock absorption effect. The mat is to be placed on the standard mat training area.

The surface is made of a robust and tear resistant vinyl material with smooth surface to prevent graze. On the side, there are ventilation holes.

For transport and storage, the mat can be folded in the middle and the size is only about 122 x 150 cm then, Moreover, there are 4 robust carrying grips on the sides.

This is the ideal mat for many different uses within martial arts and fitness drills, which cannot be performed on the standard training mat.
NOK 5990,00


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