Transport Trolley for Mats ca. 100 x 100 cm


Matt transport vehicles and tube construction with push handle
Loading area 100 x 100 cm and 28 cm high from the ground,
2 fixed and 2 steering non-marking solid rubber wheels with ball bearings,
thus pushing good, even with heavy loads.
The castors have a parking brake so that the car can be easily loaded into the hall and not always rolling.

The capacity of the car mat depends mainly on the possible headroom at your site from. Theoretically, can accommodate up to 50 mats a car, but the case of a total height of about 2.30 m, and a weight of about 550 kg. Who wants to stack or move too?

We recommend that each car a set of 35 mats, which results in a charge of approximately 1.90 m, and 380 g = 3 car mats for 100

Shipping costs: Ask for your offer!
in conjunction with a simultaneous ordering more than 20 Judo Mats for the shipping cost of the mat trolley.
NOK 7490,00


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