Budosport rullematter 4 cm tykk 1,5 m bred , 8 m blå

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LAGERVARE Hver rull er 12 m2
Roll Mat with smooty surface, exelent for BJJ , judo and MMA
The black Roll mats are made of highly damping 4 cm thick XPE foam. The Roll Mat is 8 meters long, 1,5 meters wide . Rolled up they have a diameter of ca 80 cm.

The specially processed vinyl has a surface pattern with the smallest grooves, which are not visible to the naked eye, but have strong anti-slip properties which allow a high speed of entry of the athlete. In addition, the risk of mat burn is reduced.

The mats can be customized (cut to size).
The mats are connected by means of Velcro on the sides of each mat. For an area of 8 m x 7,5 x you need five mats.
Mats can be rolled up and packed on a Euro pallet or the mat rolled up vertically fits in any conventional van with a ceiling height of over 1.6 meters.

Colour: bleu, smooty surface
Dimension: 1,5 m x 8 m x 4 cm
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