Clubbline Hakama


The KWON CLUBLINE Hakama is part of the traditional fighting clothing of many Budo sports like Kendo, Aikido or Lakido. It was manufactured by the Japanese model and cut.
This Hakama made of durable mixed fabrics is comfortable to wear and can easily be put on.
You get a hakama for many Budo sports in good quality at an excellent price.

Material: 65% polyester / 35% cotton
Color: Black
Sizes: 150 - 190 cm
NOK 690,00
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Size Chart Hakama:
Size 150, Length in cm*96, jap.Size (ca.) 25
Size 160, Length in cm*100, jap.Size (ca.) 26
Size 170, Length in cm*104, jap.Size (ca.) 27
Size 180, Length in cm*108, jap.Size (ca.) 28
Size 190, Length in cm*114, jap.Size (ca.) 29 

*measured from the lower edge of the back plate (= koshi-ita) to the lower hem

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