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Thigh pad Muay Thai

Thigh pad Muay Thai The thigh protector was specially ...

Hånd mitts enkel blå

Sturdily sewn material. Training mitts for speed and ...

NOK 239,00

Coaching-Mitt soft*

Coaching mitt soft Made from 4 cm thick soft foam, tops in ...

NOK 239,00

Double Hand Mitt Straight

Double Hand Mitt Straight This sturdy double hand mitt ...

NOK 249,00

våre varianter:

Single hand Mitt ultra strong

Single Hand Mitt Ultra Strong Very stable and high-quality ...

NOK 259,00

Dojo Line Junior Target

Dojo-Line JUNIOR TARGET Available in 3 vibrant colors, ...

NOK 265,00

våre varianter:

Junior Target yellow

KWON CLUBLINE Junior Target These lightweight KWON ...

NOK 269,00

Single Hand Mitts

Single Hand Mitt The newly designed KWON artificial ...

NOK 279,00

Single Handmitt

Single Handmitt The kick target is ideal for technical ...

NOK 279,00

DRACHENKRALLE Strike Shield purble

DRACHENKRALLE Strike Shield purble Durable and attractive ...

NOK 289,00

Mits med dragefot for barn 3-6 år

Anbefalt for barn i alder 3- 6 år Durable and attractive ...

NOK 299,00

våre varianter:

Coaching Mitt Junior

KWON CLUBLINE Junior Mitt Very lightweight KWON CLUBLINE ...

NOK 299,00

Double Hand Mit

Double Hand Mitt Kick pad for a fair price made of ...

NOK 315,00

Coaching mitt Anthracite

Coaching mitt Anthracite Padding approx. 3 cm. Combination ...

NOK 329,00

Double hand mitt Dark Line

Double Hand Mitt Dark Line Developed for heavy duty full ...

NOK 350,00

Double Handmitt

Double Handmitt The Taekwondo kick target is ideal for ...

NOK 379,00

Double Hand Mitt loud

Double Hand Mitt loud Double Taekwondo Target pad made of ...

NOK 395,00

4091070 Coaching mitt

Coaching mitt Coated with black PVC. With one wrist loop ...

NOK 420,00

Kick Target Kid´s*

Kick Target Kid ́s Attractive kick target especially for ...

NOK 435,00

våre varianter:

4092065 K Pad

K-Pad Made of premium, extremely durable synthetic ...

NOK 450,00

Coaching Mitt Cushion

Coaching mitt „Cushion“ Oval coaching mitt of high-quality ...

NOK 489,00

4092050 Arm Mitt Dark Line

Arm Mitt „Dark Line” Developed for heavy duty full contact ...

NOK 499,00

DANRHO Kids Kick Blocker, approx. 54 cm

DANRHO Kids Kick Blocker, approx. 54 cm Foam Sticks ...

NOK 499,00

Arm-Mitt leather 33x18x7 cm

DANRHO Arm-Mitt Arm pad with grip strip and strap. Thickly ...

NOK 529,00

Dojo-Line Coaching Mitt Set

Dojo-Line Coaching Mitt Set DANRHO focus mitt is suitable ...

NOK 560,00

Coaching Mitt Contender, 2 stk

Coaching Mitt Contender Made of high quality artificial ...

NOK 569,00

Jumbo Double Hand Mitt

Jumbo Double Hand Mitt Top quality black synthetic ...

NOK 569,00

Strikeshield DSK SMALL*

Strikeshield DSK SMALL Slightly curved strike shield ...

NOK 595,00

Arm-Mitt leather

Arm mitt Arm pad with grip strip and strap. Thickly ...

NOK 649,00

Arm Mitt Muay Thai leather

Arm Mitt Muay Thai The single thai pad with the dimensions ...

NOK 669,00

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