Trainingspartner KICKFIGHT BLACK


The Boxdummy Kick Fight is your new sparring partner who forgives any full contact and gets never tiered.

On this dummy it is possible to train your kicking and punching without the danger of injuring a sparring partner

The torso consists of a special foam mixture , which has an excellent durability and a very realistic tread and feel.

Height is adjustable in 3 steps, maximum height is ca. 180 cm, minimum height is ca. 158 cm.

The base is provided with four extra carrying notches, so that the punching bag can be moved to optimally fill back and forth .

We recommend filling with sand or gravel for firm footing.

height max.180 cm (height adjustable ! )
Foot height 70 cm
Empty weight 20 kg

Filled with 110 kg weight
NOK 5250,00


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