Kung Fu våpen


Cane with round handle

Cane with round handle Perfect for self defence training. ...

NOK 379,00

Kung Fu Sword wood

Kung Fu Sword wood Length: approx. 80 cm

NOK 399,00

Tai Chi sword wood

Tai Chi sword wood Length: approx. 85 cm

NOK 525,00

Telescoping sword Wu-Gong

Telescoping sword Wu-Gong Includes black imitation leather ...

NOK 615,00

Self-defence Umbrella

Self-defence Umbrella Fully functional umbrella with ...

NOK 990,00

Self-defense umbrella

Extremely durable stylish umbrella. The advantages of this ...

NOK 990,00

Ninja sverd

Ninja Sword Chrome-plated blade. Price includes scabbard. ...

NOK 2050,00

Official Chinese Broadsword

Official chinese Broadsword From the chin. Wu Shu ...

NOK 2290,00

Katana , lang Samurai sverd

Katana (long) Samurai Sword Ground stainless steel blade, ...

NOK 2300,00

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