Tonfa / Kama / Sai


Tonfa bag

Tonfa bag Outer made of artificial leather, without any ...

NOK 275,00

Tonfa Okinawa, natural colour,short

Tonfa Okinawa natural, short The Tonfa Okinawa made of ...

NOK 335,00

Police Tonfa Secure

Police Tonfa Secure Made of extra strong hard-plastic ...

NOK 349,00

Kamas, natural

Kama Heavy wooden Asian tool similar to a scythe used in ...

NOK 349,00

Tonfas Okinawa, natural

Tonfa Okinawa, natural The wooden Tonfa has a length of ...

NOK 379,00

Okinawa tonfa

Okinawa tonfa In the classic angular Okinawa style. Comes ...

NOK 449,00

Deluxe Competition Kamas

Deluxe Competition Kamas* Handle made of light weight ...

NOK 569,00

Alu Sai silver octagon*

Alu Sai silver octagon Sai entirely made of light weight ...

NOK 695,00

Sai, svart rund

Sai, black Round, with leather-wound handles. Length: ...

NOK 695,00

Sai Daggers*

Sai Forks / Sai Daggers Chrome-plated, Leather-wound ...

NOK 695,00

Self-defence Umbrella

Self-defence Umbrella Fully functional umbrella with ...

NOK 1425,00

Self-defense umbrella

Self-defense umbrella Extremely durable and stylish ...

NOK 1425,00

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