Taekwondo rullematte 2,5 cm 12x 12 meter


Budosport Roll Mat
The combat surface of our Budosport roll mat . consists of 8 strongly cushioning, 2,5 cm thick XPE foam rolls, each 12 m long and 1.5 m wide. The mats are simply rolled out individually and connected by Velcro. The specially crafted vinyl surface has tiny grooves that are invisible to the eye but have strong anti-slip properties which allow a high speed of entry of the athlete. In addition, this reduces the risk of "mat burn" on the foot. Easy and fast to roll out, therefore perfectly suitable.

Please notice that one sales unit contains 8 rolled mat pieces. In case of delivery via forwarding company, the product will be splited. (3 mat parts per one euro-pallet)

Dimensions competition area - mounted: 12 m long x 12 m wide x 2,5 cm thick
Dimensions per piece: 12 m long x 1,5 m wide x 2,5 cm thick
Dimensions per piece - rolled: Ø 76 cm
Colour: blue



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