Kung Fu våpen


Shaolin Bracelet green stone

Shaolin Bracelet green stone Original bracelet from the ...

NOK 199,00

Shaolin necklace wood

Shaolin necklace wood Original necklace from the Shaolin ...

NOK 199,00

Shaolin Bracelet with ornaments

Shaolin Bracelet with ornaments Original bracelet from the ...

NOK 249,00

våre varianter:

Cane with round handle

Cane with round handle Perfect for self defence training. ...

NOK 379,00

Kung Fu Sword wood

Kung Fu Sword wood Length: approx. 80 cm

NOK 399,00

Tai Chi sword wood

Tai Chi sword wood Length: approx. 85 cm

NOK 525,00

Telescoping sword Wu-Gong

Telescoping sword Wu-Gong Includes black imitation leather ...

NOK 615,00

Self-defence Umbrella

Self-defence Umbrella Fully functional umbrella with ...

NOK 990,00

Self-defense umbrella

Extremely durable stylish umbrella. The advantages of this ...

NOK 990,00

Ninja sverd

Ninja Sword Chrome-plated blade. Price includes scabbard. ...

NOK 2050,00

Official Chinese Broadsword

Official chinese Broadsword From the chin. Wu Shu ...

NOK 2290,00

Katana , lang Samurai sverd

Katana (long) Samurai Sword Ground stainless steel blade, ...

NOK 2300,00

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