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Battle Rope

NOK 2.690,00
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DANRHO Judo Tube, different sizes

NOK 215,00NOK 249,00

DANRHO Kick Blocker, approx. 30,5 cm

NOK 445,00
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Håndledd og ankelvekter

NOK 239,00NOK 359,00

Judo Tube, 75 cm

NOK 199,00
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Kick board professional

NOK 1.920,00
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Kick station with 6 Mitts

NOK 3.990,00
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Official Yoseikan Combo Soft stick

NOK 295,00
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Quick Band Strong Professional

NOK 1.290,00
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NOK 349,00NOK 375,00


NOK 499,00
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Swivel fixture for punch balls

NOK 2.590,00